Personal Counselling

When to see a therapist

I specialize in supporting professionals, lawyers, and law students who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or relationship conflicts. Clients come to therapy to relieve worry, overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, low mood, burn out, or depression. Contributing factors may include workplace pressures, interpersonal conflicts, breakdown of romantic relationships, equity issues (accessibility, racism, sexism, homophobia, harassment, violence), family conflicts, health issues, death of a loved one, body image/disordered eating, or the legacy of childhood trauma. 


Facilitated Conversations

Let’s talk about mental health

I'm hired by organizations and law firms to meet with employee groups to facilitate discussions about mental health and wellness. Foundations of trust and safety are prioritized. Connection between participants are cultivated. Strategies to optimize well-being are introduced. With consent, I provide anonymized feedback on concerns identified by participants so that organizations can best support and retain their talent.  


Online Course - From Anxiety To Ease

The Legal Edition

Be validated that your experience of anxiety is appropriate. Learn about the paradox of anxiety - how approaching our anxiety gently is actually the key to calming it. Be guided through short practices to provide relief. You will learn to trust your innate ability to handle life and expand beyond just "surviving". You will come out of the course with a new idea of what it means to be truly resilient.

Available for FREE for a limited time.

Course Creators

Developed with former lawyer turned Registered Psychotherapist Melanie Banka Goela with the intention of facilitating strategic approaches to diminishing anxiety within a conversation that supports diversity, equity and inclusion.